Watertown, MA is located in Middlesex County and is 2 miles east of Waltham, MA and 6 miles west of Boston, MA. Since Watertown is a very residential town, it’s important to have professional and reliable carpet cleaners in the area. Roy’s Carpet Cleaning offers just that! 

Carpet Steaming Services in Watertown, MA

Want your carpets to look brand new again? Our carpet cleaning services will remove all stains, dust, dirt, and debris that is sitting in and on your carpet. Once we’re done steaming your carpet, you won’t believe the results! Professional carpet cleaning can also benefit your home’s air quality since it will get rid of a lot of the dust and debris in your carpet. If your carpet hasn’t been cleaned in over 6 months, there a high chance it’s filled with dirt and debris. 

Upholstery Cleaning Services in Watertown, MA

Fades in color and stains on your furniture are inevitable. Unless you are regularly cleaning your upholstery, it’s bound to have a lot of dirt, debris, and germs on it from people’s clothes. Well, good thing Roy’s Restoration also specializes in upholstery cleaning! Just like our carpet cleaning, our upholstery cleaning will leave your furniture spotless and looking brand new. This will also extend the overall lifespan of your furniture! We have cleaned all types of furniture fabric, every job is possible with us! 

Pet Stain and Odor Removal in Watertown, MA

If you have a pet you know that they can often have accidents. If your pet has an accident on your carpet, rug, or furniture, call the professionals at Roy’s Carpet Cleaning to come to help clean it up! We have the perfect techniques to lift any stain from your upholstery or carpets

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