Do You Need to Replace Water Damaged Carpets?

Aside from fire outbreaks, one of the undesirable home hazards is water damage. A small burst pipe, if not correctly taken care of, can wreck the whole house’s framework. Leaks from water heaters, bathtubs, roof leaks, or groundwater damage could also lead to water damage. Perhaps, you are wondering if you need to replace your water-damaged carpets. If either of these events earlier discussed occurs in your home, you may need to change your carpet quickly. Are you contemplating whether to keep the carpet?

This guide will highlight why you might need a new carpet

4 Reasons You Need To Change Your Water Damaged Carpets

Changing your carpets will cost you some money. However, here are some reasons why it is a necessary expense:

Health factor

Wetness, warmth, and dark spots are the best abode for fungi and mold to survive. Fortunately for these two bacteria, they have found a haven in your water-damaged carpet. Molds come in different types, including Cladosporium, Aspergillus, Stachybotrys, and Alternaria. Respiratory health issues often accompany these bacteria. It is not advisable for humans to live in a house with a water-damaged carpet, especially for asthmatic individuals. 

Sewage Contaminated water

The type of water determines if the damaged carpets can still be salvaged or not. No one should consider restoring a carpet flooded by toilet water, floodwaters, or liquid chemical substances. That is because these complex substances will not only ruin the beauty of your carpet but will also leave a lasting stench in your home. It would be demeaning accommodating guests in such an environment. So, it is better to get something new entirely.

The quantity of water on the carpet

 It is imperative to note that the amount of water that comes in contact with your carpet determines its ability to last longer. Your shop vacuum cannot effectively extract a large amount of water beneath your carpet. Neither will it fully absorb the water from your home subfloor and walls. It might be better to replace such carpeting completely. Sooner than later, it will start producing unpleasant smells that can irritate visitors.

Water damage one too many times

If you’ve been a victim of water leakage far too many times, it’s best to look for ways to fix the leakage permanently. Not finding a lasting solution to the problem makes your home susceptible to wreckages. Afterward, change your carpets because the persistent water damage might have caused them to lose their quality. After all, the cost of cleaning and repairing an old carpet might eventually amount to the cost of purchasing a new one.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Boston

For every homeowner, water damage is a catastrophe no one wants to encounter. However, unavoidable situations like this may occur, which may be beyond one’s control. Quick action is critical on whether to salvage or replace such carpet. But first, It’s advisable to seek expert help for better directives. For further assistance, Roy’s Carpet Cleaning offers the best carpet cleaning advice and services around. Call today! 617-607-3399