Carpet Cleaner’s Guide for Understanding Stain Removal

Carpet hygiene is extremely important; carpets can easily harbor dirt, stains, and grime. That means it’s easy for them to host germs and allergens. Dirty carpets are very unhealthy especially if you have kids in the home. It’s very possible for your toddler to pick up food from the carpet when you are not paying attention. But don’t worry, you can always get your gets cleaned and disinfected.  

Here is the needed guide for understanding stain removal.

Instantly get rid of the remaining stain where possible

You are having dinner with your loved ones, and suddenly, you notice spillage on the floor. Trust me; you do not want the remaining red spill to sink in. Quickly get an absorbent clean cloth and gently sop up the remaining excess before it fully sinks into the bottom fabric of the carpet. Where the stain is a solid-like food, quickly get a small kitchen spoon and scrape off the excess.  

Get cold water and a stain remover

Follow the instruction on the stain remover. Carefully sprinkle the detergent on the carpet. Mop up the affected area with a clean cloth soaked with cold water. Repeat this exercise until the stain is entirely gone or less concentrated. It is vital to note that rigorously rubbing the carpet surface is not a good idea. This will further dampen and destroy the carpet. The stain will eventually sink.

Spread another clean cloth soaked with cold water

Place another clean cloth soaked will cold water on the targeted area. This time, the fabric is expected to soak up the last strain of the detergent. You do not want to step on a foamy carpet after cleaning.

Get a roll of paper towels

Spread the towel on moist areas and place a heavy object to compress the towel. Soon enough, the towel will absorb the water. After a few hours, remove the towel and dust off the area. Ensure you expose the area to the proper air ventilation. With this thorough exercise, your carpet is fully restored to its initial state, and you have for yourself once again an exquisite rug for your perfect date. However, the watchword will be to exercise more caution to prevent future occurrences. 

Professional Carpet Cleaners in Boston

It is glaring that stains on your carpet are inevitable, and the least you can do is to be ready when it occurs. A clean home is a healthy home. At times, certain stains might be stubborn and would require expertise. With our guide, you will be able to handle minor carpet cleaning yourself. However, if your carpet is really dirty and you need to restore it to its original clean state, contact Roy’s Carpet Cleaning for professional expert services for your carpet stains. 617-607-3399