Signs of Mold in Your Carpet

One of the things that can compromise the air quality of any living space is having mold grow on your carpet. The smell can be unbearable that it causes illness. Underneath the carpet in homes is usually wet, allowing mold to grow in such an area. In most cases, it is not visible, and it can be confusing as to where the smell is coming from. Fortunately, you can detect if your carpet supports mold growth and prevent it before it triggers health issues.

Here are the signs that mold grows on your carpet.

Irregular Pattern or Color on your Carpet

When you move around your living room and notice that a part of your carpet is changing to others, it might be mold growing in such an area. You must check that discolored part to identify the exact problem. It does not have a specific pattern or color. It can display different colors, especially green, and the shape can be anything. If you discover these irregularities, it is advisable to replace the carpet and prevent dampness in that area.

Allergy Reactions

Suppose anyone in your family sneezes often or shows other mold symptoms. In that case, your carpet may be why they feel discomfort. People with weak immune system reacts to mold presence faster. Exposure to mold tells in in their system, which may become aggravated if you don’t take the proper measure as soon as possible. Do well to check every part of your carpet if you don’t have leaks in other parts of your home.

Strange Smell

Sometimes, when you are in the room, a strange smell passes through your nose when you least expected it. Without any doubt, it means mold is establishing a territory somewhere in your living room. The first thing to check is if there are wet areas within that vicinity. Many people find it difficult to perceive the odor because that is where they spend most of their time. But the moment the nose detects the smell, that implies you are dealing with severe mold in your room.

Old Carpet

It becomes weak and susceptible to mold growth when your carpet gets to a certain age. Rather than keep such carpet, you might need to get a new one to replace it as soon as possible. New carpet comes with a pleasant fragrance, while old ones that support mold development compromise the air quality. Don’t wait till you start feeling uncomfortable before you do the needful.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Boston

It’s better to detect the sign of mold in its early stage before it takes over a particular position. Discovering late have consequences for your health and might be beyond what you can handle. If you need help removing mold in your carpet, Roy’s Carpet Cleaning can assist! Contact us today. 617-607-3399