Benefits of Hiring a Carpet Cleaner After a Flood

When water has flooded your home or business, many people choose to pull up the carpet and dispose of it first. However, a flood doesn’t mean that carpet is completely ruined. Truthfully, a thorough and professional carpet cleaner can save most carpets involved in a flood. By hiring a carpet cleaner, you can ensure that the carpet is free of mold and other dangers, rid it of smells, and ultimately save the carpet. Don’t immediately jump to tossing your potentially damaged carpet – contact a carpet cleaner first!

Get Rid of Dangerous Elements

If you choose to clean carpet as a do-it-yourself project, you are taking a risk. While it may be cheaper to clean your own previously flooded carpet, the danger that comes with not doing it properly is not worth it. A professional carpet cleaner can ensure that the carpet is spotless and dry before moving on. Carpet that is left damp or wet can quickly grow mold and bacteria. These elements are dangerous for people living in the home. 

Remove and Prevent Additional Odors

No one wants stinky carpet. Floodwaters can contain some odorous and gross things, resulting in potent and unappealing smells. Some floodwaters even carry sewage. Removing the scent is imperative in keeping your carpet. Even chemical products that claim to remove odors from surfaces are not always the best at removing odors from carpet. Fortunately, a carpet cleaner can remove existing odors and prevent any other smells from forming. In fact, proper cleaning will make your carpet smell like new. 

Save the Exiting Carpet

Why should you attempt to save the existing carpet when you can simply buy something new? There are many benefits to saving carpet that was flooded:

  • Carpet cleaning is cheaper than replacing
  • Cleaning is better for the environment
  • Carpet cleaning makes older carpet appear new
  • Cleaning is faster than replacing

Cleaning your carpets is a much better option than buying and installing new ones if you are on a budget. The process of cleaning a carpet is also a shorter process than it is buying, measuring, and installing something brand new. While new carpet can be a fun change, it gets expensive. Replacing the carpet also harms the environment, as manufacturing is required for the carpet and staples, and the trashed carpet often ends up in a landfill. 

Need Help with Your Carpet in Boston?

It might be challenging to choose carpet cleaning over purchasing new, but a professional carpet cleaner can help you understand how beneficial a cleaning can be after a flood. Roy’s Carpet Cleaning is an excellent resource in all things carpet cleaning. To understand the exact process for cleaning your flooded carpets and ensuring the safety of your home and family, get in touch with us! Give us a call today at 617-607-3399.