How Often Should I Vacuum?

Have you ever been surprised at the amount of dirt and debris captured by your vacuum? It can be enlightening to see how much has resided in your carpet fibers. For some people, this makes them question if they are vacuuming often enough. For others, they immediately feel the need to vacuum again. The factors for determining how often you should be vacuuming are simple to analyze. Additionally, the reasons for vacuuming regularly may inspire you to take action. 

Do You Have Pets and/ or Children?

Although extraordinary in their own right, pets and children can be messy and hard on carpets. Paws track in dirt from outside or litter from the box. Kids drop food, bring in crumpling leaves, and various other standard childlike debris. Because of the messy nature of both pets and children, you may need to vacuum daily! Of course, many pet owners and parents are strapped for time and cannot imagine vacuuming every day. In this case, every other day may be better for your situation. If you have older children, you (or your teen!) could vacuum just a few times per week. 

How Many People Live in Your Home?

The more foot traffic, the more you will need to vacuum. While one person may be great at wiping their feet and removing their shoes, that doesn’t mean that a home with six people will follow the same standard. Even if shoes are removed at the door, people who walk by the entryway in their socks or bare feet can track some lingering dirt around the home. 

If each person in your home does remove their shoes immediately upon entering the house, you can likely get away with vacuuming the entry and some of the high-traffic areas. There may not be a need to vacuum every nook and cranny every time you vacuum. Keeping a tidy home and clean carpets do not mean deep cleaning every day!

Why Should I Vacuum?

Imagine the fibers of a carpet with a light sprinkling of dust or dirt. In truth, most people probably wouldn’t notice. When that sprinkling gets smashed down into the carpet, and additional dirt makes itself at home, the carpet will appear a bit dirtier. This process again and again over time will cause irreversible damage and stains to your once clean carpets. Regular vacuuming is crucial to prevent such a build-up. Vacuum once a week to increase the durability of your carpet. 

How Can Roy’s Carpet Cleaning Help My Carpets?

Whether you don’t have the time or desire to vacuum, Roy’s Carpet Cleaning employs some people who enjoy it and are skilled. We can assist you in keeping your home looking sharp. Leave the stress and have us do the work! Contact us today! 617-607-3399