Why Steaming is the Best Approach to Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a cumbersome but important part of keeping your home safe and clean. Carpets can harbor dust, bacteria, and a number of other disgusting particles that threaten the health and safety of your family. This issue can be further worsened by pets, house guests, and other factors that further threaten the cleanliness of your home. Steaming is the best approach to carpet cleaning.

Many home and business owners attempt to clean their carpets at home. While any cleaning effort is beneficial, this will not prove a thorough cleaning. The following information reveals why steaming is the only way to truly clean your carpet and why this is the best approach.

Vacuuming is Critical

Remember to vacuum your home regularly and have your carpet cleaned before it becomes excessively dirty. Your carpet should be deep cleaned a on yearly basis, no longer than 18 months between cleanings. 

Failing to do so will result in dirt and dust being pressed harder and deeper into the carpet. This will ultimately shorten your carpet’s lifespan because excessive filth will destroy the fibers.

Dust Mites

Steam cleaning is the most effective way to kill the dust mites in your home because of the high temperatures of the deep cleaning technology. 

Mold Prevention

Carpet is suspectable to mold growth because of the dust and potential to accumulate moisture. Mold prevention is crucial to protecting the health and safety of your family. Steam carpet cleaning helps prevent mold from growing by removing dust and allergens.

You can also further prevent mold by cleaning up water immediately when it is spilled or tracked in from outdoors. 


Steam cleaning effectively removes numerous household pollutants that lurk inside your carpets, including pet dander, dead bugs, and other compounds. 

Protect Your Carpet

Steam cleaning is the best approach to carpet cleaning because it effectively extracts dirt, grime, and bacteria deep below the surface. How often you will need to clean your carpets will depend on several factors, including:

  • How Often Your Vacuum
  • Color of Carpet
  • Age of Carpet
  • Pets

The lifestyle of individuals in the house will also be a major component in determining how often you need to clean your carpets. Households with dogs and/or children are likely to experience dirty carpets at a faster rate.

Professional Steam Cleaning 

It is important to hire a professional to perform your carpet cleaning services on a yearly basis. These technicians have access to specialized tools and equipment that are stronger than store-bought carpet cleaners that are available to the public. 

The professionals at X use an industrial-grade trunk-mounted vacuum system to clean your carpets deep below the surface fibers. X always uses high-quality, biodegradable cleaning agents to refresh, renew, and restore the beauty of your carpets and protect them for years to come.

Professional Steam Cleaning in Boston

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