How Do I Get Wax Out Of My Carpet?

There are a lot of materials that can prove disastrous for your carpet. Ink and wine can leave unsightly stains, and chemicals, food, and gum can damage the fibers. Wax is one of those things that can be tricky to get out of carpet, but luckily, it is possible. Keep reading for a few tips on how to get wax out of your carpet. 

1. Tools

To make sure you’re ready to get rid of the wax, take time to gather your tools. This will make following the next steps smooth and easy. Here’s what you need: 

  • Ice
  • Plastic zip bag
  • A few towels
  • A butter knife or scraping tool
  • An iron
  • A brown paper bag
  • Your preferred carpet cleaner
  • A vacuum cleaner

2. Freeze

Take your ice and place it into the plastic zip bag. Then, take the bag of ice and place it on the wax. Make sure to cover all of the wax. Wait a few minutes as the ice freezes the wax. To keep your carpet from getting wet, use a towel to wrap the plastic bag or lay down on the wax. Freezing the wax will keep the wax from melting into the carpet as you follow the next steps. 

3. Scrape

When the wax is entirely frozen, use your butter knife or scraping tool to carefully pull the wax from the carpet. Because the wax is frozen solid, most of it should come up during this step. Getting rid of most of the wax now will make the next steps easier

4. Heat

Once most of the wax has been removed, you’ll need to use heat to get out the rest. In this step, you’ll need the iron and the brown paper bag. 

Turn your iron on at a very low temperature. If it’s too hot, it could melt your carpet fibers. Place the brown paper bag on top of the remaining wax. Then, slide the iron over the bag to warm up the wax below. You’ll notice that the wax will melt with the heat from the iron and stick to the bag.

5. Clean

At this point, there should be very little wax, if any, left on the carpet. However, small bits of wax may be left, so you’ll need to do a thorough cleaning. Use another towel and your chosen carpet cleaning product to blot any remaining stains on the carpet. 

6. Vacuum

Finally, you’ll vacuum the carpet to remove any remaining wax. Wait until the carpet is completely dry before you do this step. 

7. Call the Pros

If you’re having a hard time cleaning stuck-on wax, feel free to call in the professionals. With the best cleaning products and tools, they’ll get your carpet as good as new. 

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