How Do I Maintain My Carpet After a Professional Cleaning?

A professional carpet cleaning can help to restore the air quality in your home and leave your space looking and feeling fresh. You certainly don’t want to see your carpet riddled with stain or dirt any time soon. You want to keep it clean for a quality period of time before the next professional cleaning is due. How do you maintain your carpet after a professional cleaning? Here are a few simple tips that you can apply and keep your newly professionally cleaned carpet properly maintained. 

Avoid Walking on Wet Carpet

It doesn’t hurt to wait before walking on your carpet after it has been cleaned. Give it time to dry completely. If you walk on your carpet too soon, you could drag dirt onto the carpet and create stains, as well as distort the fibers by creating dents. Keep in mind that damp carpet holds onto stains and dirt. If walking cannot be avoided, stick to walking on the edges.

Remove Shoes But Avoid Going Barefoot on Carpet

Walking barefoot across your carpet after the professional cleaners have done a stellar job may leave you with unwanted residue. Your skin has natural oils which if transferred onto your carpet could leave a dirt-like residue. This oil residue could also attract dirt that you don’t need to mess up your carpet. Consider wearing socks or indoor slippers rather than going bare feet on your professionally cleaned carpet.

Quickly Respond to Stains And Spills

Immediately clean spills and stains after they have happened. This will prevent a liquid spill from turning into a permanent stain, or make removal tougher, the longer it remains in the carpet. Simply put, clean up spills right after they have occurred can prevent a bad situation from getting worse. 

Stick to Blotting

Instead of wiping, treat spills and stains by blotting. This is effective at soaking up a spill without soaking into the fibers of the carpet, like rubbing or wiping tend to cause. First attempt to clean the spill with water, using paper towels or a lint-free clean white towel. Avoid using cleaners that contain harsh chemicals, and consider spot cleaning or try removing the stain with a stain remover. 

Vacuum Your Professionally Cleaned Carpet Regularly

Consider vacuuming whether or not your carpet looks dirty. As a matter of maintenance after a professional cleaning, since it removes visible dirt and also particles and pollutants that cannot be seen with the naked eyes. When you vacuum regularly, you are not only doing it for aesthetics but to also create a healthy environment for everyone in your household. 

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