What Could Be Hiding in Your Carpet?

Yes, we all love our Persian carpets. We find them endearing with the aesthetics, style, sophistication, and warmth they add to our room. But have you ever wondered what invisible elements might be hiding inside the fibers?

While we don’t want you to look at your carpet with disgust after reading this article, we still want to apprise you, so you realize the necessity of a thorough cleaning. Rest assured, carpets still are and will forever continue to be one of the finest pieces in the home decor sphere. 

So What’s in there?

  1. Dust mites are microscopic creatures present in millions. On their own, they’re pretty harmless because you’re a giant in comparison, but they produce massive microscopic waste. This waste is responsible for several allergies and respiratory problems. 
  2. Living in the U.S means having a home that can collect approximately forty pounds of dust annually. Soil and dirt have a million ways of sneaking indoors and sitting on your carpets. The simple solution for this is to vacuum daily, as it cleans nearly 85% of the soil and dirt from your carpet. 
  3. When we walk with our shoes over the carpets, the soles of shoes leave behind uncountable bacteria. Even pets can do that, and here produces a breeding ground for bacterial colonies. Studies tell us that our shoe soles can bring bacteria like agents of pneumonia family and E.COLI. Let’s strive to clean our carpets often, please. 
  4. Now, you know how we shed around 1.5 million skin flakes daily. Add that with microscopic insects such as mites, ticks, fleas, and we have a universe of dirt. Consider vacuuming daily to remove pet hair, dead skin cells, insects, etc.
  5. Our shoes are the main carrier of germs from the outside. However, seasonal allergens can sneak in too through the tiniest of vents in the house. These allergens tend to deposit on our carpets. Best to remove shoes at the door before entering your hallway or the rooms. Oh, and of course, give that carpet a good beating. 
  6. We have other pathogens apart from e-coli living in our carpets too. You can’t see them but consider this a blessing in disguise, because well, they’re not a pretty sight. Mildew and mold tend to thrive in warm moist environments too. Carpet drying or a sunbath if the rug allows a good way to get rid of this problem. 
  7. Many carpets undergo chemical treatments, and they come into your home’s life. Chemical traces also stick to our shoe soles and result in certain smells. Time for some good carpet cleaning again. 

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Food, drinks, sweat, shoes, and several other factors bring in millions of bacteria, allergens, soil, dirt, and whatnot inside. Our carpets become the hub of such elements and harm our health in the long run. To preserve your family’s health and the life of your carpet as well, contact Roy’s Carpet Cleaning for the best carpet cleaning services! Give us a call at 617-607-3399 or fill out a contact form.