The Do’s and Don’ts When Cleaning Your Carpet

It does not matter the effort you put into cleaning your carpets, they are always victims of stains, dirt, and spills. That does not however mean that there aren’t remedies, especially with the ones we will discuss in this piece.

If you really fancy keeping your carpet clean and neat, then you need to know the right thing to do. Experimenting with DIYs will only hurt your carpet. So, here are some do’s and don’ts when carpet cleaning.

Do’s and Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning 

Vacuum the carpets regularly

Cleaning your carpets regularly with vacuum cleaners is the basic form of carpet cleaning. Unfortunately, not many do this and that makes dirt removal difficult. Invest in a quality vacuum cleaner and use it regularly.

There have been improvements in vacuum cleaners nowadays so you have no excuse. They are easy to use now with convenient features.

Place doormats at your house entrance 

If you do not appreciate spending money on extensive carpet cleaning; then placing doormats at entrances will be the right thing to do. Dirt and filth can enter the house from the soles of the shoes. And one way to keep visitors and yourself from entering the house with dirty shoes is to placemats at the doorsteps. 

High soil areas like garages and backyard could be the areas you will concentrate on if you have multiple entrances, but putting doormats at all entrances will save you the stress associated with frequent carpet cleaning.

Remove stains with shaving creams

You would have dealt with stains or spills in your house if you have carpets. You would also have been told to use detergents and water to clean in such an event, but that is wrong. Mixing detergents with carpets will damage your carpet and leave the spot different from other parts of the carpets.

What you should do instead is to use shaving creams. When there is a stain on the carpet, apply shaving cream to the affected part, and leave for about 30 minutes. Afterward, you can clean with a dry and clean cloth. Then, spray the area with vinegar and wipe away with another clean cloth. After the process is completed you will notice that the affected area is not different from others.

Don’t vacuum new carpets

Your new carpets won’t gather dust until after several weeks, so don’t be tempted to vacuum it. Doing so will make them lose their fiber packing and destroy their positioning. If you need to clean your new carpet, use a non-electric hand sweeper instead.

Don’t rub stains 

When you find stains on your carpet, getting them off the carpet is the only thing you want to do. In that instance, you will start rubbing it and make the damage go worse. Instead, you should dab them with cleaning solutions and a cloth.

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