How Often You Should Clean Furniture and Upholstery

Furniture and upholstery are beautiful additions to many homes, and how well you care and maintain them can extend their longevity and keep them looking new. Depending on the environment that house these items and how often they are used, you may have to clean some item more frequently than others. More importantly, the health of your home should be a priority. You have to think about how your furniture and upholstery impacts indoor quality. Cleaning your upholstery and furniture is essential for ridding them of allergens, bacteria, and other contaminants to maintain clean air indoors. How often should you clean the furniture and upholstery? Here are some key things to consider.

Do Not Wait for Stains to Appear to Clean

It’s important to avoid waiting to see visible signs of stains, discoloration, and wear on your upholstery and furniture before cleaning it or having a professional cleaning. At that point, you have waited too long, and allergens and bacteria have already spread throughout your home. This could occur months before you see any soil. Not all dangers can be seen with the naked eye. 

Regular Vacuuming, Spot Cleaning, and Deep Cleaning

Spot cleaning, regular vacuuming, and deep cleaning are different methods for furniture and upholstery cleaning. 

Regular vacuuming of your upholstery and furniture helps remove harmful particles, dust, crumbs, and dander and should be done at least once a week.

Spot cleaning can do the same for your upholstery, but it can do more by minimizing or getting rid of surface dirt and visible stain that can damage the upholstery fibers. You want to preserve the longevity of your furniture so that you can have it for years to come.

Deep cleaning often entails using professional cleaning equipment and is ideal for tackling those deep-down harmful allergens and bacteria that are not visible but are trapped in your upholstery. This sort of professional upholstery cleaning is necessary.

Cleaning Frequency

Strive to maintain a healthy home environment by ensuring that your upholstery is professionally cleaned once or twice annually to remove bacteria, allergens, and toxins.

If your home has pets or children that can create heavy messes frequently, twice a week cleaning of your upholstery is appropriate. 

Get in the habit of vacuuming your upholstery once a week to rid it of crumbs that can attract bacteria.

If it’s that time again to clean your upholstery and furniture, Roy’s Carpet Cleaning can provide you with a high-quality cleaning service. We can help you to maintain upholstery that clean and toxin-free and also help to extend their longevity so you can enjoy them for years to come. Give us a call today at 617-607-3399 or fill out a contact form!