5 Vacuuming Tips for Easy Cleaning

Vacuums are a great device to help you keep your home clean and dust-free. You can use a vacuum to clean carpets, sofas, hardwood floors, or any other flat surface. Nowadays there are many different types of vacuum cleaners and you can easily find one that suits your specific needs. In order to get the best results it’s important you use your vacuum cleaner the right way. Here are some vacuuming tips to help you use your vacuum like a pro. 

Vacuuming Once is not Enough

People often vacuum their floors and carpets once and then think everything is clean and they are finished. It is actually recommended to vacuum your floors multiple times to remove all the dust and hair. Use the vacuum in a crisscross pattern when vacuuming to remove all of the dust and debris from the floor and carpet. 

Change the Bag More Often 

Sometimes people tend to forget to clean out the bag of the vacuum cleaner. If the bag is not cleaned out regularly it will be harder for the vacuum to suck up all the dust and hair on the floors and carpets. It’s recommended to clean the bag of the vacuum cleaner when the bag is 3/4th full. If you wait too long the hose could also get clogged which affects the way the vacuum works. 

Use Spot Treatment

Vacuum cleaners cannot remove stains in your carpets. If you notice there’s a stain or spot when you are vacuuming, put a spot cleaning treatment on it right away. Once you leave the treatments on the stains for a few minutes, vacuuming over it will enhance the results. 

Choose the Right Setting 

Something that people often overlook when vacuuming is choosing the right setting to use. Vacuums come with different settings depending on what you are vacuuming. It often needs to be changed depending on the height of the surface you are cleaning. 

Remove Small Objects From the Floor 

Before vacuuming, make sure you remove small objects from the floor that could get stuck and clog the hose. You also don’t want a ton of clutter in your way when you are trying to vacuum. If there are small objects on your floor it will also be hard to remove the dust and dirt from every inch of the carpet or floor.  

Contact Roy’s Carpet Cleaning 

Use these vacuuming tips to easily clean your floors without any hassles. Using a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis will make sure your home is free of hair, dust, and debris. If your carpets need a little more cleaning than just a vacuum cleaning contact Roy’s Carpet Cleaning today! Our team of professionals will deep clean your carpets and have them looking brand new in no time. Contact us today by calling 617-607-3399 or filling out a contact form on our website!