The Myths About Professional Carpet Cleaning

There are many myths and misconceptions out there about carpet cleaning, when it is necessary, how to go about it, and if you even need to do it. Here we will address all the myths about carpet cleaning for you to have a better understanding of when you may need to get your carpet professionally cleaned.

Only older carpets need professional carpet cleaning 

False. In order to keep your carpets in their best shape, it is recommended to get them professionally steamed every few years. Carpet manufacturers highly suggest this so that you can get the most out of your carpet. If you are never getting your carpets professionally cleaned, they will start to wear down and become extremely dirty as the years go on. 

Only visibly stained carpets need professional carpet cleaning 

False. A lot of the time you cannot see or feel how dirty your carpets really are. Even if there is no visible stain, it is likely that your carpet is filled with dirt and debris. Over time this dirt and debris start to settle into your carpet. This could not only be harmful over time to your carpet but to people’s health as well. If allergens, germs, and dust are stuck in your carpet you don’t want to be exposed to potentially breathing those in. If you have pets you also don’t want them to be sitting in germs and dust. 

Store-bought spot treatment sprays are the same as professional cleaning

False. Nothing you can buy in the store can really compare to what the professionals use. Professional carpet cleaners have special equipment to get any carpet to look brand new again. Store-bought sprays can definitely work for tough stains if they are used correctly, however, they do not fully deep clean your carpet. 

Carpet cleaning will cause mold and mildew

False. What causes mold and mildew to grow in carpets is excess moisture in the air. Professionals have the right equipment to extract the extra moisture while deep steaming the carpet. Once the job is done the hot steam is no longer present. 

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