What to Expect During Your Professional Carpet Cleaning

Every carpet needs a deep, professional clean every year or so. Performing regular maintenance on your rugs such as vacuuming or treating any stains that may appear only go so far in thoroughly cleaning your rugs. A deep steam clean is necessary to fully remove deep-set stains and odors on carpets and furniture, and will help restore them to their original condition. Here’s what to expect during your next professional carpet cleaning.

Before the Cleaning

There are a few things that you can do before the carpet cleaner arrives. If you’re able to, it is helpful and cost-effective for you to move furniture yourself. This would include couches, chairs, tables as well as any smaller items such as lamps or trash cans. Also, be sure to take note of any stains or problem areas so that you can point them out to the cleaner when he/she arrives.

Once the carpet cleaner arrives, there are a few things that they will do before the cleaning begins. First, they will look in the rooms that you’d like to be cleaned, examine the carpets and provide an estimate of the cost for cleaning. If they need to remove furniture and treat special pet stains or odors, there may be an additional cost. The cleaner(s) should discuss this with you before cleaning begins.

During Cleaning

Typically, the cleaners will start with a deep vacuum of your carpets to remove dirt, dust, and particles that lie on top of or just below the surface of the carpet. Then, they will move into the actual carpet steaming process. To start, they will apply a preconditioning and stain removal solution on the carpet, focusing on areas where there are stains or discoloration. Next, they perform what is called “Jet Extraction,” which is the process of removing any previously used cleaning solutions using high pressure and temperature. After that, cleaners typically add another layer to the carpet that is meant to help protect against harmful stains in the future. To finish, they will add their own finishing touches that leave the carpets looking, feeling and smelling clean.

After Cleaning

The carpet cleaner will give you instructions for after the cleaning. The drying time of the carpets varies depending on its size, the room temperature and whether or not the cleaners used a speed-drying solution. Carpets typically need anywhere from 2-10 hours to dry, although some might require up to 24 hours. Ask your carpet cleaner what to expect in terms of drying time.

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