Tips For Keeping Your Carpet Clean This Winter

Keeping a carpet clean is an ongoing task for homeowners, and especially for those living in New England with the changing seasons. While each season comes with different challenges that can make a carpet dirty, the winter is especially challenging. This is because you are not only fighting off debris that can be tracked in but you are also dealing with snow that could cause your carpet to get wet and potential mold build-up. To help combat the factors of winter that can make your carpet dirty leaving you to get your carpet cleaned, here are three tips to consider this winter.


3 Carpet Cleaning Tips For The Winter


Take Care Of The Area Outside Your Doors

When it comes to cleaning, we rarely think of the outside but in the winter you need to make sure the areas in front of your doors where people can enter from outside are free of snow. Not only to allow people to enter your home but also so that as little snow as possible is tracked into the home and on your carpet. In addition to the snow, there are other things you should make sure are not in the pathway leading to your door. You will want to make sure leaves and other debris are out of the way.


Mats are a huge investment everyone homeowner should consider if they want to keep the inside of their homes and their carpets clean. Mats are perfect to get any debris or dirt off your shoes right when you get inside. They are perfect for guests to wipe or stomp any loose snow as well and can soak up that wetness so your carpet is not wet.  In addition, you should consider having a walk-off mat or a longer rug to use only in the winter for high-traffic areas.

Go Shoeless

If you are trying to have an immaculate carpet throughout the whole winter and any other season, then you should consider going shoeless when you are in your home. Whenever you or guests enter, have a designated area with a mat they can stomp their shoes and take off their shoes from. That way, your carpet is only exposed to dry socks and no dirt or debris rather than getting dirty from the debris that usually is stuck and tracked in with shoes. If you rather having something on your feet while you are inside, then consider purchasing indoor slippers, that way you have footwear in the house that is always clean.


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