Spring Rug Cleaning

With the nicer weather here, it’s the perfect time to get your area rugs and carpets outside to give them a quick cleaning. Over the fall and winter months, dirt and dust find their ways into carpets due to foot traffic and from just being inside throughout all the months. Cleaning your carpets and rugs provide additional benefits aside from them looking better as well. Continue reading our industry blog to learn more about outdoor cleaning!

Carpet Cleaning Set up

To clean your rug, you want to ensure the area is set up. This includes a few different aspects of preparation work. First, you will want to measure your rug or carpet. The reason you want a good idea of the size of your rug is that you will be draping your rug over a banister or ledge. You want to make sure the rug when is draped over in half, won’t be on the ground. As mentioned before, find the bannister of a porch or a hang it in a way that will let you beat the dirt out of the rug!

Physical cleaning

As stated above, you will want to beat each side of the rug/carpet to bring out the dirt. You may be surprised with how much dirt, dust, and debris that will come out of the rug, especially if it has been multiple years. You can buy a tool called “Rug Beaters” that consist of a handle and a woven end used to beat the rug. These can range between $10-45 or you can opt to utilize a different option. A baseball bat, broom handle, or really anything that you can swing and effectively hit the rug will do the trick.

Water Based Cleaning

If you know the material of your rug or carpet and know it won’t ruin the carpet’s integrity, after beating the rug you can use water to continue to wash. Using a hose with a nozzle attachment, start at the top of where the rug is draped over and work your way down to the end.

Health Benefits of Rug Cleaning

Cleaning dirt and dust out of your rugs provide health benefits as well. Dust that can come off the rug can make breathing difficult and cause respiratory issues. Cleaning and removing this dust will improve the living conditions of your home.

Roy’s Carpet Cleaning; Spring Cleaning Experts

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