Popular Rug Styles

Adding a rug can change the appearance of an entire room. Depending on the color and style you choose, you can brighten up a room or make it a little cozier. Adding a rug to a room has almost the same effect as painting the walls, but it takes a lot less time to put a rug down than it does to repaint. Unsurprisingly, there are a number of different types of rugs. Choosing a rug for your space goes beyond color or pattern. All of the options give you more chance to add your unique style to the space you are decorating. Thinking of adding a rug to your space? Learn about the different popular styles:

Bohemian Rugs

This vintage style offers a colorful and casual opportunity to change things up. Perfect for a brightening up a dark bedroom or adding personality to a rented space. There are hundreds of color combinations, you’ll be able to find the perfect rug for your room.

Morrocan Rugs

These rugs feature a combination of vibrant and neutral colors against large scale, simple patterns. This style will liven up any room and can tie together multiple colors in a room. For a higher price tag, you can find vintage styles that will add serious personality to your space.

Ikat Rugs

Ikat rugs also come in a variety of color combinations. These are easily identifiable by the vertical nature in their patterns. This instantly adds an air of sophistication to the room with their simplicity. Use these in a bedroom or sitting room to add personality.

Kilim Rugs

Kilim rugs are unique because of the way they are made. They are often classified as oriental, but they originated in Turkey. The technique used to tie these rugs together is called flatweave. Because of this unique technique, these rugs tend to feature diagonal patterns.

Traditional Rugs

For a more classic look, choose a traditional rug. These are available in rich colors with classic designs and patterns. Traditional rugs are perfect for adding color to a room without adopting a risky or trendy pattern or color scheme. This type of rug is reliable for years to come.


These are unique in that they are not only used as floor coverings. Depending on the size, they can be used as table runners, bedding, and packaging. These multi-purpose rugs certainly add charm to your space.

Oriental Style Rugs

This is another classic style that will liven up any space without taking away from the sophistication of the room. These heavily woven rugs are perfect for dining rooms or living rooms. They’ll fit in well with a traditional space.

Modern Rugs

If you want to give your room personality, but you don’t like to commit to a style, this may be the rug for you. Modern rugs offer vibrant colors and interesting patterns that are sure to liven up any space. Whether you are decorating a dorm room, bedroom, or small apartment, you can’t go wrong with a modern rug.

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