Don’t Think You Need a Carpet Pad? Think Again!

Purchasing a new carpet can be expensive, so when given the option to add additional items such as a carpet pad to your purchase you are probably inclined to say no. Well, it turns out that skipping a carpet pad is a huge mistake.

What are Carpet Pads?

A carpet pad is installed underneath your carpet. It’s made of foam rubber or spongy material and it’s attached to your floor underneath with glue or staples. You don’t see carpet pads, so do you really need them?

Why you Need Carpet Pads

As it turns out, carpet pads have a few different key functions. Neglecting to add a carpet pad below your new carpet can result in damage to the floor below, carpet, and more. You invested a lot of money into your carpet. A carpet pad helps protect your carpet from unnecessary wear and tear. Additionally, a carpet pad adds thermal insulation. Keep your house warm in the winter and absorb sound with this simple and invisible addition to your floor. Carpet pads also absorb the impact of furniture and footsteps. This helps to make the carpet more comfortable to walk on and protects the floor below.

Affordable Carpet Pad Substitutes

If you’re worried about spending too much on your renovations, rest assured you can find affordable substitutes for carpet pads. These substitutes serve the same purpose as real carpet pads, so you don’t need to worry about the consequences of an alternative solution.

Since you don’t see the carpet pad below your carpet you don’t need to worry about anyone knowing that you skipped out on purchasing a real carpet pad in favor of creating your own solution. So, how do you create a replacement for a carpet pad that still serves the same function? After all, you don’t want to neglect to protect your carpet and the floor below. It’s as simple as purchasing felt pads from your local home improvement store. You can purchase these in bulk to save money and use them to protect your floor without overspending on a ‘real’ carpet pad. Additionally, reduce noise and protect your floor with your DIY carpet pad serving as an acoustic underlay. This cushions the floor and prevents noise from footsteps.

DIY Carpet Pad Solution

You can even use memory foam pads in the place of a carpet pad. This acts as a protection for the floor below and is more comfortable to walk on than a traditional carpet pad. It still has all of the noise-reducing qualities that come with a carpet pad. You can find memory foam pads at your local home improvement store. Just measure your floor to determine the size that you need to purchase. Just like a traditional carpet pad, the memory foam pad goes below the carpet. You don’t have to overspend on home improvement. There are simple ways to DIY your own solutions to save money and still have the same result.

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