How to Properly Dispose of a Carpet

New carpeting in your home is a great way to spruce up a space and make it feel new again. While you’re busy loving your new carpet, you also have to figure out what to do with your old carpet. You likely won’t be able to simply sit it out with your weekly trash due to the size and material. Besides, why would you want to send it to a landfill if there’s a better option?

Reuse Old Carpeting

Before you decide to dispose of your old carpet, consider reusing it. Your old carpeting could be the perfect addition to a basement, child’s bedroom, or another extra space in your home. You can cut the carpet down to match the size of the new space and then install it in just a couple hours. Now you’ve re-inspired two spaces in your home for the price of one carpet! If you don’t have a space to reuse your old carpet, ask friends and family if they could use it instead.


If your carpet ends up in a landfill, it will remain there for many years to come. The fibers used to make carpet don’t break down quickly, if at all. Local recycling
centers will likely help you to recycle your carpet. Contact a local carpet provider and ask for carpet recycling resources. If you’re really unsure of where to start, ask
when your new carpet is being purchased and installed! For an added fee, they may even be able to take your carpet away and recycle it for you. Every major city has carpet recycling facilities, it’s just a matter of taking a few minutes to find them online.


If reusing or recycling isn’t the right option for you, donate! What’s old to you will be a great new addition to someone else. Local agencies that help people to build or repair their home at a low cost are sure to appreciate the donation and they will likely even come pick it up from your home at no cost. Even if your carpet isn’t in perfect condition, they will find a way to repair and reuse it for those in need! No matter which option you choose to dispose of your carpet, any choice is better than just throwing it away. Reduce, reuse, and recycle shouldn’t just be a mantra that we use when we talk about paper and plastic!

Roys Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Experts

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