Steam Cleaning Defined

Steam cleaning is something that most people have heard of, but not everyone really understands. The logistics of how steam cleaning works, who it can benefit, and what sets it apart from other cleaning methods is a lot of information to take in! Let’s take a quick look at steam cleaning and work to define it in terms that anyone can understand.

What is Steam Cleaning?

As the name suggests, steam cleaning is a type of cleaning the utilizes steam. This is done with the use of a steam cleaning machine that heats water until it turns into steam.

What Can be Steam Cleaned?

Steam cleaning is ideal for flooring and walls, and of course, carpets. Anything that has a build up of dirt or bacteria can benefit from steam cleaning. Many hospitals and other commercial locations invest in regular steam cleaning of their various surfaces. When used on carpets, steam cleaning is designed and used for the removal of deeper stains.

How is it Different?

Steam cleaning is unique because it’s a chemical-free cleaning method. That’s right, no chemicals at all! The steam is hot enough to act as a loosening agent for stains within a carpet or rug. This allows its powerful suction couple with hot water to extract the stain.

Who Can Use Steam Cleaning?

The simple answer is short – anyone! Steam cleaning can be used in a commercial, industrial, or residential setting. If you want to use steam cleaning inside your home, there are a variety of steam cleaning tools to choose from. The chemical-free cleaning method is ideal for those with children, pregnant women, or pets in the household. Traditional cleaning methods contain harmful chemicals that may be causing harm to the most sensitive members of your home. Allergy and asthma sufferers will likely notice less irritation from steam cleaning than they do from traditional cleaning as well. This can be credited to the lack of fragrance and fumes present during the cleaning process.

Is Steam Cleaning Effective?

Cleaning with water alone may seem too good to be true, but it isn’t! The reason it’s so wildly used in commercial industries, including healthcare, is because of the high level of cleanliness that steam cleaning offers. Bacteria and germs can’t survive past a certain temperature so you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that with steam cleaning, there’s nothing left behind! You’ll be amazed at how effortlessly the steam lifts hard to remove stains from surfaces as well. It turns out that with cleaning, sometimes simple and natural really is the way to go.

Roys Carpet Cleaning: Steam Cleaning Pros

If you have a stain that refuses to come out regardless of the methods you try, give Roys Carpet Cleaning a call today. We can assess the stain and provide either a non-chemical or chemical based steam cleaning approach.