How to Utilize Rugs and Carpets in Your Home

Rugs and carpets offer more than just an aesthetic to a home or business. Here at Roys Carpet Cleaning, we wanted to write a blog about the uses and purposes rugs and carpets serve. Continue reading to learn more about how your rug is helping your living situation and how they may even be cutting costs!

1. Heat-up Home and Reduce Heating Costs

Placing carpets and rugs on the floor acts as a barrier, blocking cold air from reaching the surface. The thermal insulating properties of rugs and carpet can help to reduce heating costs, especially during the winter time, by minimizing cool air from seeping through cracks. The bigger the rug and depending on its texture (wool, nylon e.g) and stitch count, the more effective it will be in keeping your home warm.

2. Home Decor

Rugs and carpets can bring all the design elements in a room in sync and add vibrancy and beauty to space. When it comes to style, carpets and rugs can give a space a particular look and feel, from elegant and luxurious to comfy and casual. They are versatile decor pieces that can enhance the overall design of a space.

3. Reduce Noise

If your house is echoey, it can appear empty and not particularly welcoming. Large rugs and carpets can make a huge difference by helping to combat echoes through absorption of the sounds. The noise created from floor impacts such as footsteps and furniture scrapes can be softened and sound reverberation, creating a quieter indoor space.

Roys Carpet Cleaning: Solutions

Roys carpet cleaning is here for all your rug and carpet needs. We offer steam cleaning and restoration services that allow our clients to get the most out of their rugs. Our services will help extend your carpets lifespan in addition to keeping them looking great. If you have questions regarding our services, prices (free estimate here!), or areas we serve, call the experts at Roys Carpet Cleaning today!