Entry Doormat Types and Maintenance

All of the details and thought put into your home or business are important for many reasons, but have you considered the importance of your doormat? An entry doormat is the first impression of your space, but it also plays an important role in functionality that many people overlook. We’ve put together a list of the different types of entry doormats to help you decide which one is right for you and how to
care for it!

Indoor-Outdoor Doormat

Is your entry doormat going to be placed indoors or outdoors? If it will be outdoors, it’s important to purchase one made from weather resistant materials. Teak or waterproof coconut fibers are some of the most common choices that are able to withstand all types of weather, while still maintaining an inviting look. Even if your mat will be indoors, it’s a good idea to search for an abrasive surface type for a higher traffic area. This surface will help to wipe away any dirt or debris lingering on the bottom of shoes before they make their way into your home or business. You should search for a doormat that meets the needs you have in mind while maintaining the look or ambiance of your home or business. An effective doormat doesn’t have to be simple and boring, you’ve just got to find the perfect one for you!

Safety First

Your entry doormat needs to be secure to ensure the safety of those walking and wiping their shoes on it. During wet weather many mats will begin to slip around, especially on tile or wood floors. Look for a doormat with a non-slip backing designed to stay in place. Avoid full rubber mats with that non-slip backing though because they tend to crack easily during the colder winter months.

Maintaining Your Doormat

If your doormat isn’t properly maintained, it will become ineffective. You should clean the mat regularly to ensure it’s able to clean the shoes of those walking over it. For outdoor materials, you can simply hose the mat off and allow it to dry. For indoor mats, shaking them off or vacuuming them is the best option. While cleaning your doormat you should check for signs of cracking or wearing. Most entry doormats made of good materials will last for years, but you should replace them at the first sign of wearing, cracking, or tearing.

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