Children’s Carpets

Carpets and rugs serve as functional pieces of furniture for your home. They insulate heating and cooling, provide accenting styles, and even make it easier to keep your home clean. When considering rugs and carpets for children’s rooms, you don’t want to spend hundreds on a rug that will be used and viewed exclusively by children. Additionally, much like any furniture you add to a children’s room, you should be ok with it potentially being ruined or stained. And lastly, a carpet or rug should inspire your children to use their creativity and imagination! Here at Roy’s Carpet Cleaning wanted to write a blog on some of the carpets and rugs we thought made excellent additions to children’s rooms.

Kids Road Map Carpet

Kids across the US and the world are familiar with this carpet. The surface makes as a carpet and playing surface with the rug providing the children a bird’s eye view of a ‘town.’ Roads with two lanes connect the towns General Store and Town Hall with connecting neighborhoods and other town buildings. The addition of hot-wheels or a Hess-Truck found underneath the Christmas tree, children will spend hours creating new town scenarios and ‘driving’ throughout the map.

Educational Carpets

We have seen a variety of carpets that provide some fundamentals of education for small children done in a fun way! Carpets highlighting the Alphabet do so by referencing each letter with a barnyard, cartoon picture. Something small like this can jump start a young child’s ability to read or at a minimum, let them begin understanding the basics of reading. Geographical carpets are something we have seen as well and can also be fun for your children Whether it be a cartoon world map or the carpet map of the US, these rugs help children with Geography basics from an early age!

Themed Rugs and Carpets

If your son or daughter is enamored by a show or movie, a themed rug or carpet may really tie their entire room together. From Pixar’s ‘Cars’ or Disney’s ‘Frozen’, your child will now be in their favorite movie-themed PJ’s, watching the movie on your Ipad, on their themed rug!

Roy’s Carpet Cleaning

If you have a children’s play rug that could use a cleaning or restoration, give us at Roy’s Carpet Cleaning a call today! We can remove grape juice stains and get your children playing on their favorite carpet or rug today!