The Best Season to Have Your Carpets Cleaned

A professional carpet cleaning will not only extend the lifespan of your beautiful carpet but also offers health benefits to you and your family. Multiple scientific studies have shown that carpet fibers trap and immobilize allergens, helping people to breathe easier, according to Shaw Floors. But a dirty carpet can quickly become the source of irritants, triggering allergies year-round. So when should you have your carpet cleaned?


Salt, mud, winter slush. The windows get closed, the house gets sealed up, and all the allergens, pollen, dust, and dirt that got dragged in from Fall get trapped in the house and carpets for the season. You’re going to be spending most of your time indoors – make sure you can enjoy it with a freshly cleaned, allergen-free carpet.


Pollen, dirt, wetness. It’s no wonder why they call it spring cleaning. We throw open our windows and doors to the warm weather with open arms, and the house and carpets get exposed to all the elements. The crisp breeze of Spring can also help your carpet dry faster.


Children’s shoes, dirt, sand. From having the kids home from school to all the barbeques and beach trips, the carpet can take a beating in Summer. Scheduling a cleaning for the summer, before the stains have time to set in, can stop the damage from getting worse.  

A summer vacation may be an ideal time to schedule a carpet cleaning appointment, as carpets usually need between 8 to 12 hours to dry after a professional cleaning.


Dirt, leaves, mud. Fall is one of the most popular seasons to get your carpets professionally cleaned, and for a very good reason. Everyone is getting ready for the holidays, making sure their house looks perfect for both expected and unexpected guests.

There are other options rather than just vacuuming your carpet to getting your carpet cleaned fully. To get the full health benefits of a clean carpet, schedule a yearly professional cleaning (more often if you have pets).