How Long Should I Wait To Move Furniture After Cleaning A Carpet?

One of the biggest mistakes after a professional carpet steam cleaning is keeping the carpet clean. Most people think they can walk on the carpet instantly after a cleaning which is the wrong mindset to have. You will want to make sure you give the carpet sufficient time to dry before you walk on it or put the furniture that goes into the room back on the carpet. If you walk on it too soon you can track dirt and odors into the wet carpet which will defeat the purpose of the cleaning in the first place. With it being wet, it can allow for dirt to go deep inside the fibers as well as on top making it hard to clean for the next time you need a carpet cleaning. If you move furniture onto a carpet before it dries then you can dent the fibers of the carpet and possibly cause rust stains.

When Can I Put Down Furniture After A Carpet Cleaning?

Once your carpet is professionally cleaned, you will need to wait a few hours before you can resume normal day to day activities as well as putting the furniture that goes into the room with the carpet back. The general rule of thumb is that you should wait about 24 hours before putting the furniture back on the carpet. This will ensure your carpet is fully dried and ready to go. You should also consider purchasing waterproof protectors beneath the legs of the furniture. These protectors let you replace the furniture immediately after the cleaning.

When Can I Walk On The Carpet After A Cleaning?

After your carpet has been professionally cleaned, you will want to wait at least 6 hours before you can walk on it. This way it gives the carpet enough time to dry in most areas that can handle walking. The time is increased to 24 hours for furniture because they are normally heavier and stay in one spot rather than moving across the carpet. If you need to walk across the carpet, then you should wait 30 minutes after the cleaning finishes to walk on it. For extra protection, remove your shoes and walk on the carpet with clean socks, preferably white.

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