5 Popular Carpet Cleaning Methods

When it comes to cleaning a carpet, it is always best practice to hire a professional for any type of cleaning. Professionals have the knowledge, experience, and equipment needed to properly remove any stains or blemishes on your carpet or rug. What we have noticed in the carpet cleaning business is that many clients do not know how the carpets or rugs are washed. This is a reason why some people are hesitant to hire a professional as they may not think their methods will work since they do not know how it will be cleaned. Good cleaning professionals will explain the process after the washing so everyone is on the same page. To help with this, we have compiled five popular cleaning methods for carpets and rugs.

Five Main Methods of Carpet Cleaning

  1. Hot Water Extraction – This method, also known as steam cleaning, combines water and a cleaning solution. The combination is heated and injected into the carpet where it loosens the oils and other substances in the carpet. After the solution has sat on the carpet for a while, it is removed with heavy suction.
  2. Dry Extraction – A powder of solvents can be spread over the carpet and then get worked into the fibers. The powder should only be allowed to sit on the carpet for a short time before being vacuumed.
  3. Foam Extraction – This method involves applying a cleaning solution to the carpet, then a machine with rotating brushes whips the solution until it turns to foam. The foam then works its way into the fibers of the carpet and then later vacuumed.
  4. Absorbent Pad – This method includes spraying a chemical solution on the carpet to coat the top fibers. The absorbent pad is then spun over the carpet using a rotary machine. This pad picks up the solution along with the soils from the carpet.
  5. Rotary Shampoo – The same machine used in foam extraction can be used with rotary shampoo. The machine pushes a cleaning solution into the carpet until the shampoo is visible, like foam, and then removed with a vacuum.

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