Benefits Of Having Carpet Padding

One of the most overlooked aspects of adding carpets and rugs to your home is carpet padding. This is because many people do not know what benefits come with purchasing a pad along with the carpet or rug. No matter what type or size of carpet or rug you have, there are pads out there. Below are the main benefits of using carpet padding for your area rugs, oriental rugs, custom fabrications or wall to wall carpet.

Increases Longevity

Adding a layer of padding underneath your carpet can increase the length of your carpets life in two ways. The first way is that the binding and backing of your carpet will be protected with a pad underneath, as the pad will absorb the impact of foot traffic. The second way pads increase a carpet’s longevity is that the pad allows for more air to flow to enter your vacuum which increases suction. This means you will get a more thorough cleaning of your carpet to pick up all dirt and allergens.

Increases Insulation

Carpet padding can also assist with adding more warmth to your room by acting as another layer of insulation. How this works is that the padding will trap heat during the winter and prevent cool air from leaving a room during the summer.

Keeps Your Carpet Still

One of the downsides to area rugs is the fact that they tend to slide when placed on hard floor surfaces. This can result in injury to you or your guests as well as give you the annoying task of always readjusting the position of your rug. Carpet pads underneath a carpet will grip on to hard floor surfaces to keep your carpet in one spot.

Makes Carpets Feel Softer

Carpet padding will provide an extra soft layer to add extra comfort. The padding layer will absorb the impact of each footstep making the carpet feel softer. To get the most comfort out of your Oriental or area rug, consider investing in carpet padding.

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