Most Common Types Of Carpet Stains

When it comes to having either carpets or rug in your home you are bound to encounter a stain once in a while. Stains are a nuisance with people as it is a deformity that stands out that could hinder the value of your rug or carpet as well as take away from the look of your room. We all want to have squeaky clean living areas but accidents will happen and you will need to be prepared. For huge stains, or stains noticed too late we advise you contact a professional, to clean your rug or carpet with their professional tools. For best solution treatment and to increase your knowledge on carpets and rugs it is a good idea to know the different kinds of stains. Below is a list of the most common types of stains and where the derive from.

  • Water Based – Water based stains are the most common type of stain on a rug or carpet. They are caused from beverages such as soda, beer, liquor, juices and milk. Water based stains could also be caused by inks, paint and mud.
  • Oil Based – These types of stains are normally caused by spills involving cooking oils, glues and adhesives. Other sources include crayons, polishes, makeup, tars, waxes, butter or gravy. As these stains are hard to remove on your own, we advise you contact a professional.
  • Pet Stains – Pet stains are a common request to remove for residents with beloved pets. If you have a pet you are 100 percent sure to have an accident one way or another with your pet. These stains are a hassle to move and it is recommended to get a professional to remove the pet stain. Another thing pets tend to bring to carpets or rugs other than accident stains, is their odor. As they tend to be outside a lot and bring back with them dirt as well as different odors. Luckily, we offer quality pet odor removal on all rugs and carpets!