Quick Tips for a Clean Carpet This Summer

Summer is a favorable season by many considering the warm weather, cookouts, beach days, and vacations. An active lifestyle in the summer, people are always in and out of their homes. It is no surprise that carpets begin to reveal some discoloration and wear from constant foot traffic. Whether it be sandy feet from the beach or muddy tracks from a hike, here are some useful tips to help keep your carpets clean and spiffy!

Shoes Off

A golden rule in most households when you enter a person’s home, is to remove your shoes so you won’t track dirt. It is as easy as slipping them off to avoid carpets from accumulating dirt each time you walk on them. Designate an area on your landing, porch, or garage specifically for shoes before entering indoors. It will not only prevent dirt and grime from entering, but the odor from worn-out shoes stays outdoors! It’s a win-win!

Clean the Carpets

A deep clean to your carpets at least a couple times a year can ensure the longevity of its use! Most people clean their carpets in the spring, but it is also good to wash them again in the summer! They are two completely different seasons, with different reasons to wash them. Spring is meant for spring cleaning and opening up the house for the warmer weather. The summer washes away the dirt, dust, pet-dander, and foot traffic from cookouts or parties. Renting a carpet cleaner is fairly cheap and easy to do! You can also hire a professional to get the job done!

Vacuum Regularly

A good rule of thumb for any homeowner is to vacuum your carpet area at least once a week. Consistently vacuuming guarantees that you will be eliminating the dust and dirt before it seeps deeper into the carpet. Also, if you are hosting any events or having guests over, it is suggested to vacuum more than once before and after they leave!

Area Rugs and Runners

Placings weather mats, rugs, or runners in areas with a lot of foot traffic can help relieve the wear a carpet takes. Hallways are ideal areas for placing a runner down where as entryways typically have doormats. Having rugs near points of entry will indicate to people to take off their shoes before continuing into the home!

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