Keep the Mud Away

It is true that April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring the mud!  The days are warming up and the snow is finally gone; this means that the thawing ground and people’s feet are the perfect pair for stirring up mud.  While we can’t wait for those sunshine-filled days outdoors, we also know that spring cleaning is in full force and it can be difficult to keep things looking as tidy as you’d like.

Avoid muddy areas when walking outside and always be sure to leave your shoes at the door! Pets can be a primary contributor to the dirt in your home as well, so try your best to wipe their paws and keep them off of expensive carpets and furniture.

Make the effort to be extra conscious about what you might be tracking into your home so that you can save time and money. However, if you do find yourself in need of stain removal or cleaning services for your carpets, area rugs or upholstery, keep Roy’s Carpet Cleaning in mind and contact us today to set up an appointment!